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‘Recoco is a boutique business with a highly experienced and qualified team who pride themselves in having the patience to help busy people through the maze of finding and buying property,’ says Nigel Bishop, who has been in the property world for over 40 years. He is now Chairman and Managing Director of Recoco, buying individual property in special locations across the South of England encompassing London, Country and Waterside locations. Expectations about what money can buy have skyrocketed in recent years, Bishop says: buyers now demand the ‘London lifestyle’ and require high-speed internet and immaculate design features even in the most remote areas. Recoco is perfectly positioned to help the cosmopolitan elite fulfil their dream of a rural getaway. Highly experienced staff have unrivalled local knowledge of off-market property throughout their regions. Last year a family came to Bishop having sold a company, wanting to move from West London to a small country estate — with a helipad. Bishop managed to find them a 90 acre, ‘very private’ estate in Wiltshire, which they fell in love with and bought almost on the spot. Where Recoco can add the most value, Bishop believes, is in off-market properties. ‘There are far more properties bought off-market than there have ever been’, he says. ‘People pay for our contacts, expertise and inside knowledge of the industry. We give them access to properties they wouldn’t find alone.’

Nigel Bishop
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