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In both family and corporate giving, donating money or time is seen not as an obligation, but rather as a privilege’, says Randi Weaver, founder of philanthropy consultancy Good Giving. Her work includes planning advice and strategic wealth management for families and individual donors. For clients, the most popular causes are ‘education, especially higher education, faith-based giving and children’s health and general welfare’. Two less mainstream project areas which have gained traction consistently over the past few years, she notes, are financial inclusion and international development through sport. Weaver collaborates mainly with small and boutique companies, who advise on investment management and strive to establish or re-establish giving programmes, she says. ‘Companies are planning their philanthropy more thoughtfully and ensuring that it is aligned with their corporate image and CSR activities, while also providing opportunities for staff engagement.’ Smaller businesses have learned from larger companies and are now using more of a strategic approach to be ‘proactive, rather than reactive in their giving.’ Outside of the corporate sphere, the popularity of Giving Circles continues — ‘they provide a multiplier effect and introduce a social element to one’s charitable giving,’ Weaver says. ‘Engagement of a philanthropy adviser by both new and established donors is seen less as a luxury and more as part of wealth management.’

Randi Weaver