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Tim Bailey, portfolio director at Cazenove Capital, ‘networks hard’ with key market players, speaks French and German and manages a book in the hundreds of millions. His background is varied, having spent the early 1980s in the German steel industry, becoming Credit Suisse’s fixed income adviser in Switzerland and working in the res non-dom market with Schroders and Cazenove. Bailey joined C. Hoare & Co. in 2009 to contribute to the growth of the investment management department and headed up its international team, transforming it into a significant entity with an offshore expansion. He has also been instrumental in developing entrepreneurial relationships in the onshore space. He returned to his former colleagues as part of the move of C. Hoare’s Wealth Management to Cazenove (now part of Schroders). The transition has been smooth: former Hoare wealth managers unanimously agree that before the merger, the two entities ‘shared similar cultures with the same dedication to customer service’. Bailey echoes this. ‘We are fortunate that Cazenove Capital has an outstanding financial planning team, so where such advice had been provided by C. Hoare & Co, that service can continue here at Cazenove Capital,’ he says. In markets such as today’s, clients need everyone from a manager to a therapist to keep them calm. Bailey is one of these, thanks to the fact that the highly skilled trusted adviser started work before the 1987 crash. With a total of 30 years’ industry experience, he is highly regarded among both peers and clients. ‘I think it is this experience that has really made me able to counsel my clients,’ he says, adding that ‘empathy and an ability to understand what worries different clients has really helped build good relationships too’. Since graduating in modern languages from St John’s College, Cambridge, Bailey has been involved in financial markets. He won CityWealth Private Banker/Investment Manager of the Year in both 2014 and 2015 and WealthBriefing’s Leading Individual (Banker) award in 2015. He is a member of STEP and a Chartered Wealth Manager.

Tim Bailey