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Trust is a vital metric between any investor and investee — but it certainly calms the nerves when there’s an alignment of interests. Bridge Invest proudly counts itself as one where such synergy happens naturally: ‘We wouldn’t offer our clients a deal unless we were prepared to invest in it ourselves,’ says co-founder Vivek Jeswani, who started the company with business partner Ronak Ruparell. Started in 2015, the firm established itself as a multi-family office which provides opportunities in short term funding to SMEs and individuals secured by a legal charge against UK property. The founders are proud to claim that no client has lost principal or interest on their investment: plus average returns of 9-10 per cent, says Ruparell. Together, the pair offer to invest in every deal they put together for clients. ‘We have skin in the game and rank pari passu with investors, which gives clients some comfort,’ says Ruparell. Recent clients include family offices, hedge funds, and SMEs. Such clients have been impressed with the seasoned investment duo, with good reason: Ruparell has over 15 years’ experience in investment banking, including 13 years at Lehman Brothers, while Jeswani has over 20 years in finance under his belt, including seven years at Deutsche Bank in London and New York.

Vivek Jeswani & Ronak Ruparell