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Amrit Johal is a leading consultant solicitor based in the City of London. Having previously worked for two leading city firms, he has a huge amount of commercial experience and offers commercially astute advice. In his 13 years as a practicing solicitor, Johal has developed a reputation for representing sportspeople and movie stars, both in divorce cases and other matters of litigation. ‘I’ve worked on cases in the region of £50 million plus, and brought civil injunctions against employees, where an employee has stolen data and set up rival businesses. I’m doing a case for David Sullivan, owner of West Ham United, so that’s been quite career defining,’ he says. His impressive range of legal specialisms is, according to colleagues, ‘a testament to Johal for his persistent hard work and desirous attitude to achieve his best.’ He is particularly protective of his clients and ‘lays down the gauntlet’ early in litigation: but as he frequently stresses, litigation is always a last resort. He enjoys the ‘general sense of challenge’ that his work affords. ‘No two days are the same, no two cases are the same,’ he says. For Johal, being a solicitor is about calling the shots and controlling the strategy. ‘Law’s not about law, it’s about tactics and strategy,’ he asserts. Clients are invariably impressed – the aforementioned David Sullivan enthuses that ‘Amrit is bright, talented and A1 on service. A breath of fresh air in the sports industry.’

Amrit Johal
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