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When Spear’s suggests that he forms part of a new guard of family lawyers, Bradley Williams modestly demurs. There is no doubt, however, that he has made a name for himself as a natural litigator in a firm with a strong reputation for out-of-court settlement processes. ‘I’m known more for the litigation side, but only on the right case. When people know you’re prepared to take the case as far as it needs to go, it assists in terms of settlement,’ says Williams. While he has a comprehensive family law practice specialising in complex financial remedy applications, applications regarding the property of non-married couples and private children law issues, all his cases are high-end. They range from HNWs in the £5-6 million range to postnup work involving an asset pot of £2 billion. Williams recently represented the wife of a Premier League footballer in a case with a ‘stellar contribution’ element. Prenups and postnups also remain growth areas, with clients of inherited wealth looking to ringfence wealth early on to avoid problems down the line. ‘Pre- and postnups stop people going to the courts in the first place and are more valuable now than they’ve ever been,’ he observes. ‘We are now starting to see these couples divorce and the prenuptial agreements being litigated in the courts. The prenups are now coming home to roost!’ Williams adds: ‘Many of my clients are international and most have substantial assets. The main challenge of my work continues to be the cuts which the courts are having to absorb. But for the wealthy this is also an opportunity, as private judging and arbitration are on the increase.’ His most memorable experience was acting for an eccentric landowner client who did press-ups in court before he was about to give evidence before a High Court judge: ‘I always remember to ask my clients to turn their phones off in court, but I’ve never had to ask one to stop exercising before!’ He is unstinting in his commitment to clients.

Bradley Williams
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