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When the quantum of assets is eye-watering, the stakes on divorce are high,’ says Cambridge graduate Caroline Park. ‘This emphasises the importance of being honest with clients about what can be achieved, but then tenacious in pursuing it.’ Park joined HFC in 2008 from Freshfields where she trained as a tax specialist, and rose rapidly to become HFC’s first internal promotion to partnership in ten years. This training readied her for the complex corporate structures which arise in high-end – and often multi-jurisdictional – divorce work. Park also specialises in pre- and postnuptial agreements and disputes involving children. Clients include entrepreneurs, senior bankers, lawyers, other professionals and their spouses. She has worked on reported cases, and notes a recent and significant increase in international cases – as well as a ‘number of referrals from the former spouses of previous clients’. Despite being a vigorous litigator, Park is also a proponent of arbitration and ADR. She’s enjoyed considerable success in settling cases in the £500 million plus range through negotiation. ‘I’ve had clients whose instinct, honed over many years, is to fight every point,’ says Park. ‘Highly successful people can find divorce difficult to navigate: the lack of control can be alarming. Being sensitive to this response and delivering realistic advice is critical.’ Clients have great confidence in Park, describing her as ‘steely’ and ‘a lawyer who pre-empts and considers all possibilities’.

Caroline Park
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