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David Margo is responsible for a genuinely innovative contribution to the divorce experience. After nearly 40 years as a real estate partner in City law firms, Margo heard a friend remark: ‘I need to do something about my divorce but don’t know where to start’. That insight nine years ago led to the birth of Divorce Solutions, a divorce consultancy that guides clients through the complexity of the divorce process. ‘We help clients appoint the ‘right’ lawyer, choose the ‘right’ process to resolve issues, help with the many ‘homework’ tasks and stop them making the mistakes that the inexperienced divorcee will commonly make’. ‘Appointing the wrong lawyer and going down the wrong route can be very costly, both to the pocket and emotionally’. By getting it right from the outset the experience can be less stressful, less costly and more streamlined. Predominantly London-focused, their clients range from time-short business people to the vulnerable who need ‘support at such a difficult time’. It’s obviously working: their experienced team continues to expand and has developed an enviable network. What’s particularly impressive is the depth of Margo’s research. He explains: ‘We have spent a great deal of time familiarising ourselves with the personality, expertise and approach of the abundance of family lawyers and the many different processes that are available to choose from.’

David Margo
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