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It’s the inter-human skills which set apart those that excel in what they do in our niche of the legal profession,’ says founder and head of Seddons’ family department, Deborah Jeff. Her attention to the psychological impact of her clients’ circumstances, and not simply the legalities surrounding a case, distinguishes her from other reputable family lawyers. ‘I’m not aware of any other family lawyer who has taken this approach, and have made it my USP for the benefit of my clients,’ says Jeff. A testament to her capabilities is the range of clients she acts for, from young newlyweds with few assets to share, to HNWs protecting £300 million. She says: ‘Being a human being and identifying with clients at that level rather than being just a provider of a service makes the world of difference to them.’ Jeff’s main focus is on ensuring clients’ ‘investment in us sees them the biggest return and protection of their money’, but also places great emphasis on managing the reputation of clients in the public eye, while also ensuring they feel safe: ‘The biggest compliment a client can give’. The last year ‘has been our busiest yet’. She has been involved in more prenuptial agreements than ever, and has noticed clients wishing to add ‘penalty clauses’ which decree that certain behaviour will reduce financial entitlement on separation: ‘Managing clients’ expectations about what should and should not be in a prenup is a new trend I’ve seen recently.’

Deborah Jeff
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