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I’ve just surfaced from a 15-day financial final hearing in the High Court, where judgment is imminent’, says Edward Floyd. ‘We were instructed at the 11th hour and a huge amount of work had to be done to get the case in order.’ Floyd is no stranger to high-stakes cases. Last autumn, he settled a case where the husband and wife were £300 million apart and the arguments about family wealth creation stretched back to pre-Soviet times: ‘We got to a child-focused resolution that could not have been achieved if the case had been fought,’ he says. In the past year he has acted for husbands in two highly complex multimillion (‘in one case billion’) pound financial cases. He advises on all legal issues arising from relationship breakdown, including the financial consequences of separation, disputes about the arrangements for children and, increasingly, preparing and negotiating prenups and postnups. Colleagues are full of praise, with one calling him ‘one of the leading young family lawyers of his generation. Ed has the rare combination of forensic attention to detail and the knack of being able to see the wood from the trees; he is insightful as he is incisive; and he is calm under pressure whilst lightening up even the most difficult situations with his trademark wit.’

Edward Floyd
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