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There have been some ‘grand dames’ of divorce, says Stewarts super-solicitor Emma Hatley. But some of them are reaching the twilight of their careers, ‘and there’s been some young blood coming through and challenging them’. Nobody has assailed the old guard like Hatley. Spear’s Family Lawyer of the Year in 2017, she recently acted in several of the most complex cases pending in the High Court (often with multiple parties disputing across jurisdictions), examining invariably difficult and contentious issues in the Family Division. Known for her discretion, she is described by one former peer as ‘the essence of what HNW clients want and need in a family lawyer: highly intelligent, industrious, fast, constructive… [with] no sitting on the fence or waffle.’ Calm as she is, Hatley worries Brexit will impact London’s status as an international hub, describing negotiations as a potential ‘nightmare’: it’s not that Hatley is afraid of change, but it is the lack of certainty that creates litigation. She welcomes moves to introduce ‘no-fault’ divorce.Hatley is also an expert when it comes to nuptial agreements – and here she advises caution. ‘Pre- and post-nuptial agreements are bespoke documents and need careful preparation and detailed advice,’ she says. ‘It is unrealistic to expect them to be rolled off a boilerplate system for only a few thousand pounds.’

Emma Hatley
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