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Emma Turner, head of client philanthropy at Barclays Private Bank, says that ‘developing deep relationships with clients, and seeing them enjoy their philanthropy because they have planned what they want to do and are clear on what they want to achieve’, is a thoroughly rewarding aspect of her role. ‘There are lots of reasons why people decide to give – social conscience, faith, family, a life event, they want to make the world a better place, or they have a theory of change they want to pursue,’ she says. Winner of an MPF award for Best Philanthropy Engagement, she is noted for highly attentive levels of service. ‘We always look to tailor individual strategies to suit each person and their families but always remain impartial in terms of the causes that a client might want to support,’ she says. Turner regularly hosts ‘In Conversation With’ events for clients, and aims to ‘engage the wider family, creating an inter-generational legacy which focuses on “giving while living”, rather than “legacy at death”,’ she explains. Turner, who impresses with her winning ‘combination of empathetic skills and professional attitude’, has noticed an increase in ‘skills-based volunteerism, where people put a personal skill to use for charity with clients who may be cutting back on work – or have more time on their hands – but also want to use their business skills to help others.’

Emma Turner
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