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Emmanuel Rio, a former real estate investment banker who spent seven years at UBS, joined Pictet Wealth Management in London as a senior banker in 2012 to advise international clients with their private wealth management. A truly international man, he jokes that as his mother is half French and Italian and his father is Argentinian – ‘together with my Brazilian sounding family name, I should be an unbelievable football player and yet I chose to be a banker!’ Football’s loss is clearly banking’s gain. One of Rio’s great successes is building an international client base, working with successful individuals and family offices with strong links to the UK and western Europe. He says that his clients are ‘looking for continuity’, which in his books means ‘a responsible and hence long-lasting partnership with their advisors’. Clients ultimately want to know that their banker is there to advise them for the long run. For that, Rio explains, ‘you need a stable organisation and dynamic model for which people are enthusiastic to work for’. On all these aspects, he believes Pictet is well-placed to continue performing in the market. Rio argues that this bespoke service is how wealth management keeps adding value to clients. His job is just ‘not as scalable as some people might think.’ Their universe of clients ‘requires customised investment solutions and constant attention. Although technology is significantly expanding our capabilities, there is a limit to the number of clients a banker can advise’. Rio has a long history of providing this customer service, coming from the world of investment banking, where he advised private business owners and realised the benefits of working directly with the decision maker. He was then ‘more interested in building long-term relationships advising private individuals on a wider range of asset classes than just moving on to the next deal.’ This ethos carries over into his current work: ‘What I value the most is the trust clients place in me,’ he says. ‘It is the recognition of the work we put in each relationship.’

Emmanuel Rio
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