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As a leader in the luxury market, Fiona Barratt Interiors prides itself on the attention to detail and personalised service with interiors that enhance the homes and lives of clients. Award-winning designer Fiona Barratt-Campbell, set up the firm in 2006 and is recognised as one of Britain’s leading figures in the international world of interior design. With 17 years’ industry experience, Barratt- Campbell was born and raised in Northumberland and draws on this rugged landscape – shaped and influenced by its geology laid down 400 million years ago, as well as Roman heritage. Design is embedded in Fiona’s DNA: her greatest inspiration was her grandfather, property developer Sir Lawrie Barratt, who founded one of the largest residential property companies in the UK. Over the last 12 months, Fiona Barratt Interiors has experienced substantial growth with a focus on the hospitality market. A project which she is especially proud of is ‘the near completion of a penthouse for a branded hotel residence’ in Hong Kong, for which her team has worked tirelessly to deliver the client’s vision of a global high-end lifestyle brand. Barratt-Campbell believes that the ‘journey of modern design’ is important to recognise but ‘producing timeless pieces should be a priority.’ She adds that ‘I have never attempted to follow trends or pay attention to them, as I feel it can lead you away from your core design ethic.’

Fiona Barratt-Campbell
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