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Clients’ expectations have evolved in the last ten years,’ says Dolfin head of sales Georgios Ercan. ‘They’re much more aware of the complexities of the financial and regulatory landscape, so they want an even closer relationship with their wealth manager – but they also demand the convenience and simplicity they’ve become accustomed to with smartphones and tablets.’ Ercan’s career began in 2006 with an internship at Credit Suisse. He then took a permanent role at Royal Bank of Canada, before being lured back to Credit Suisse a year later by the opportunity to manage relationships with clients from Greece and Cyprus as well as Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS. His early career left him in no doubt about the importance of earning the trust of his clients. ‘After the crash of 2008, I was fortunate to have a sound financial institution behind me and strong client relationships. It quickly became clear to me how those relationships are built on being transparent, honest, solution-driven and available whenever my clients needed me.’ As the finance world gathers new momentum, so the landscape is changing again. ‘Clients today are used to a fully transparent and open banking model, one in which there is continuous exchange of information,’ Ercan says. ‘So, questions of cost, performance, flexibility and service come to the fore in clients’ minds – and that can be a challenge for some of the larger but less agile providers.’

Georgios Ercan
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