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I can finally say it now – we’ve made it!’ That’s what London-based fintech and crypto entrepreneur Gianluca Massini Rosati tells Spear’s. ‘Like many blockchain businesses,’ he adds, ‘we ran an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and I can proudly say that we raised almost $13 million.’ As bitcoin’s underlying distributed ledger technology creeps towards mainstream adoption, Xriba is one the UK’s brightest blockchain stars, with its sight set on overhauling ‘stuffy’ 600-year-old plus practices in accountancy. Sounds complicated? Rosati says: ‘It’s basically an accounting software capable of recording transactions in the blockchain – invoice sent, categorised, archived and automatically paid out thanks to OCR and Artificial Intelligence.’ As an efficiency boost, Rosati says this alone could save 70 per cent of the time spent on business accounting. ‘No one wants to waste time with boring bureaucracy. Entrepreneurs are made to thrive, have genius ideas, bring them to life by putting the pieces of the puzzle together. And admin or secretaries I’m sure they’d be happier knowing they can dedicate themselves to something more useful within the company. This will help entrepreneurs around the world in their financial management.’ For HNWs, he says: ‘I’d encourage people to learn about it. Blockchain is going to change the way the financial world operates.’

Gianluca Massini Rosati
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