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CEO and founder of AtomInvest Hemal Mehta tells Spear’s, ‘Alternative investments should be a core and essential component of investors’ portfolios, and for the last 30 years, the top alternative investment funds have consistently outperformed conventional asset classes across all market cycles.’ Mehta offers a bridge to this world of alternatives unlocking ‘long-term wealth creation’. In short, AtomInvest offers access to highly exclusive funds, typically only open to large institutional investors with over $1 billion in investable assets. Mehta says that AtomInvest breaks down this barrier and makes the investment process simple, low-cost and transparent. With a pool of UHNW individuals as well as institutions such as banks, insurance companies and pension funds from all around the world, AtomInvest – EMEA’s first digital alternative investments platform – claims to ‘democratise’ access to private equity, venture capital and hedge funds. Before starting AtomInvest, Mehta worked as an investment professional within the private equity industry and as an investment banker. He tells Spear’s that his investors typically have investable assets ranging from $10–$500 million. Reflecting on the greatest opportunity the firm sees in the alternative space, Mehta says, ‘AtomInvest is opening up alternative investments to a wider investor base, one which is hungry for returns and for high-quality investment opportunities.’

Hemal Mehta
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