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Hilary Wakefield started at EFG in 1999, brought in to enhance and broaden the foundations of EFGAM’s investment management approach. As one of EFGAM’s first portfolio managers he developed the Global Alpha managed account investment strategy, which has been at the forefront of the multi-asset class targeted returns revolution. He has over 30 years’ experience in the investment management business, having previously held positions at Old Mutual, Schroders and Lloyds Bank International, among others. The firm’s open architecture platform means it can ‘access the best possible vehicles from around the world to capitalise on each investment opportunity, while combining this with its extensive in-house research capabilities,’ says Wakefield. ‘We strongly believe in having the flexibility to execute in the most efficient way possible with a view to capitalising on the investment rationale and minimising any associated costs.’ EFGAM has a global client base, but its sterling base accounts for over 50 percent of total assets under management. High net worth clients are the core clientele, though foundations, trusts, charities and small institutions are also on their books. ‘Like many mainly private client organisations, capital preservation is key to what we do,’ says Wakefield. ‘Some of our most popular strategies are Alpha, Income and Balanced mandates, as the majority of our clients do not wish to take on a great deal of risk. The longevity of the portfolio management team combined with our experience in managing money through different full economic cycles underpins the strength in expertise in the team and has helped drive the growth in assets under management at EFG.

Hilary Wakefield
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