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James Freeman specialises in cases of ‘unusual complexity’, principally very high-value financial claims involving trusts, significant businesses, cross-border issues, especially Anglo-French/Swiss (being a French speaker) and acting for trustees and third parties joined to divorce proceedings. He has worked with a number of household names recently, as well as those who are ‘very anxious not to become household names, especially following divorce’. Freeman told Spear’s: ‘Every client is different but, generally speaking, mine want technical excellence, straightforward guidance, a firm hand from time to time, basic humanity and a streak of humour. And they don’t want to be led up the garden path and have their circumstances used as “lawyer fuel”.’ The challenge is bringing clarity to an unclear area of law: ‘You need to be fully immersed in it to give any useful guidance. Imagine having signs on the M1 announcing that the side of the road you drive on is a matter of discretion and will be confirmed after someone has mulled it over a bit.’ Positioned at the top of the market, Charles Russell Speechlys is a full-service firm covering all aspects of family law work. But, ever self-deprecating, Freeman tells Spear’s: ‘To be honest, I think society faces enough challenges without divorce lawyers getting pleased with themselves.’

James Freeman
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