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When Jeremy Knowland catches up with Spear’s he’s in an optimistic mood. ‘We feel we are getting increasing traction and we have a volume of new clients,’ he says. ‘Over the last few years we have been focusing our efforts on defining which clients we are able to serve best. Through our Global Client Service, Citi Private Bank aims to provide a seamless private banking service to the worldly and wealthy, in short – private banking for global citizens.’ This is coming through in Citi Private Bank’s UK client base, which usually has a UK nexus, although increasingly ‘they’re globally mobile, with a number of families particularly going into North America, Singapore and other parts of Asia’. ‘Equally we are seeing more overseas clients who have business interests in the UK join Citi Private Bank as the service can be seamlessly linked up with their home country banker team,’ he adds. That particularly makes sense at the moment. ‘We are encouraging our clients to go global, by having diversified portfolios across multiple regions,’ he says. ‘That has some advantages when there’s crisis in certain geographies – which may not feed through to the rest of the world. Clients benefit from having balanced and diversified investment strategies across the asset classes.’ Citi’s key strength is providing services and solutions for UHNW clients who have complex needs. The ‘entire spectrum’ of financial solutions is available to clients who seek Citi through Knowland: from advisory and discretionary investment management strategies to banking, portfolio lending, economic research, luxury asset financing and thought leadership. Citi’s clients are supported by an array of professionals, a team typically made up of bankers (with no more than 25 clients each, both resident domiciled and non-domiciled), associate bankers, investment counsellors, as well as others such as lending specialists, trading specialists in specific markets, depending on the needs of each UHNW. ‘We aim to deliver genuine value added services to both the families and family offices of our clients,’ says Knowland.

Jeremy Knowland
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