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Once I understood that the internet captures value in the applications layer, but blockchain captures value in the protocol layer, I saw the potential of blockchain,’ says Joachim von Halasz. ‘Today’s supply chain specialists hold the keys to many future blockchain applications.’ Von Halasz advises crypto and blockchain clients in London, Frankfurt, Zurich and Zug with regards to global media relations, regulations, ICOs and fundraising. His clients include crypto investment funds, crypto information gateways, blockchain applications, and private equity funds investing in pre ICOs and re-listings of undervalued ICOs from weak to strong exchanges. Two of his most promising clients are and – applications for global business transactions and global container shipping respectively. He has over 20 years’ experience in reputation management, investor relations and global media relations. He chairs the Tuesday Club, a global investor community of native experts with a unique range of language skills and cultural sensitivities across all continents. Von Halasz is noted for his calm manner in advising the full range of clients, from those working on the advisory side of blockchain, to businesses looking to make the transition to blockchain platforms. He is also an expert in the international wealth management industry, and uses excellent language skills to provide a unique international perspective (see page 33).

Joachim von Halasz
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