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Transmission Private is a dedicated private office that works exclusively with individuals and families to manage their media presence – ‘and helps them curate and project an image that is both representative and aligns with their family values,’ explains MD Jordan Greenaway, who founded the company after working in politics and public relations. ‘We work with the family unit as a whole, becoming a protective shield between the family and the media, making sure that coverage is fair, balanced and representative.’

Clients include first and second generation entrepreneurs, family business owners, investors, hedge fund managers and financiers, political donors and philanthropists, and most are UK-based, regular visitors or with significant investments in the UK. Greenaway and his team look after every part of the family’s reputation, advising around the media risk of investments, philanthropic engagement and more. Increasingly, part of their strategy has also included ensuring that the family’s online profile is balanced and representative.

‘We also understand and appreciate that a family’s reputation goes beyond just what appears in the media and news, and also interfaces with how they are viewed within private and wider circles, such as the investment, political and wider business communities,’ says Greenaway. ‘As a result, our work also involves facilitating introductions and meetings with other business leaders, figures, and international organisations.’

Transmission Private has seen demand increase significantly over the last 12 months. ‘More families are starting to appreciate the need to take on personal media advice,’ Greenaway explains. ‘However we like the fact that we are specialist and boutique, and never want to lose that part of our personality and our personal touch.’

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