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Praise abounds for Julian Ribet. A QC dubs him ‘an extremely able, top-rank practitioner’, while another says the LMP partner is ‘impressive, diligent and practical’. Ribet is also known for his ‘ambition and loads of energy’ in tackling children issues. Clients include an impressive number of international HNWs and City professionals and their spouses. Ribet has built his reputation on the back of his ability to trace substantial business and family assets, and for his mastery of complex points of inherited wealth, tax, pensions and offshore trusts. He is known for the widely publicised case AC v DC, in which he was instrumental in unwinding an intricate offshore transaction the husband had set up to stymie his wife’s claims. The case is the largest reported ‘set aside’ by a judge in family proceedings of a disposition into a trust. His career has also included his successful representation of the wife in US v SR, where the husband was shown to have committed serious fraud and non-disclosure of over $845,000. This year, he’s been advising on a postnup agreement where there were inherited family assets in the order of £450 million; dealing with a complex divorce relating to the valuation of a shareholding in the event of an expected IPO involving the ‘special contribution’ argument; and advising in relation to a prenup based on inherited family assets valued at £2 billion.

Nearly all of his clients have been referred to him by a former client (‘or the ex-spouse!’), a barrister or other third party intermediary.  But occasionally they will approach the firm and not an individual and the main the reasons are that they like the fact that we are niche (‘we don’t do anything but Family Law’); LMP operates partner-led practices and so don’t hand over complete control of the case to Juniors after the first meeting but stay involved until the conclusion; ‘we have a solid reputation for getting great results for our clients and we have a reputation for being cost-effective with the other side’s costs often being at least a third more expensive, sometimes even double,’ says Ribet.

Julian Ribet
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