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My clients range hugely in size, background and age,’ Cazenove Capital’s Kate Leppard tells Spear’s, ‘but are mostly now characterised as having either a complex family set-up, tax or investment requirements. We like to ensure that we get to know our clients well, understand what keeps them awake at night and importantly what inspires them during the day. No two clients are the same, but most are focussed on preserving their wealth in real terms, either for future generations or for their own futures, irrespective of if they are based in the UK or internationally.’ Leppard began her career as a stockbroker at Quilter Goodison in 1987, before joining Schroders in 1990. Having spent virtually her entire career at Schroders, she’s clear on what separates the great from the good: ‘Depth and breadth of expertise – and being able to draw from a wide knowledge base. When it comes to HNW and UHNW families, the stability of the relationship is very important… You need a discretionary manager who is forward-looking and who evolves with time – and having a strong relationship with your client, where there’s a mutual understanding and trust, that makes all the difference in the world.’ Looking at the year ahead, Leppard says that regulation and technology changes are both challenges and opportunities. Leppard has spent the year working alongside Lyn Tomlinson and formalising Cazenove Capital’s philanthropy expertise: she says that ‘it’s an ongoing pleasure to meet and help my clients and helping them in the broadest possible manner’. Cazenove Capital also launched a US business for US resident clients and nationals with US reporting requirements, and feel that the US needs a global asset management firm with strong wealth and client service skills. On what makes the tough times worth the sweat and toil, Leppard recalls an elderly client who died in 2016, and whose family later reported the deceased’s affection for her. ‘I was very overwhelmed,’ she says. ‘It means that I’ve done a good job over many years with him.’

Kate Leppard
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