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Louise Barretto works with a variety of wealthy business owners and professionals in the areas dealing with family finance on relationship breakdown. As a fluent speaker in Afrikaans and with a dual qualification as an attorney in South Africa, many of Barretto’s clients are South African expats or have connections to the country. Her cases often involve high conflict family matters, such as those in which there are allegations of parental alienation. In these cases, Barretto says: ‘All my skills, including those I acquired as a mediator, and experience are put to the test.’ Fortunately, the majority conclude with good outcomes for her clients. Barretto understands that HNW clients are discerning and expect an excellent service, including exceptional client care and communication and a solicitor who understands their needs. It is one of the many ways in which Barretto believes Bishop & Sewell stands out from other competing family law solicitors, and they are constantly reviewing their services in order to offer the best experience to their clients. One of the more challenging aspects of her work involves resolving financial disputes resulting from the breakdown of cohabitation where the parties have children but are not married. ‘There needs to be a major overhaul of the law relating to surrogacy to bring it in line with what is going on in real life,’ says Barretto.

Louise Barretto
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