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Marco Assetto started his career in investment banking at JP Morgan in New York. ‘It was during the MBA at Columbia University that I started to appreciate wealth management and in particular the unique needs of HNW international clients,’ he says. ‘I think the background I had both in investment banking and capital markets benefited me tremendously.’ Early in his career, Assetto was chosen by Dow Jones Financial News as one of the top wealth managers under the age of 40 in Europe. Now, he delivers a highly sophisticated level of investment advice and wealth planning services to an elite clientele. His goal, he tells Spear’s, is to ‘help my clients protect the wealth they have created while generating the income they need to support their lifestyles and pursue their charitable missions of global investors.’ In terms of changes in the field, Assetto can attest to the fact that the sector is becoming more competitive and the clients more sophisticated. ‘Many of my clients have an in-depth understanding of wealth management issues, including more than a few who make their living as investors. All of them appreciate candor, competence and attention to detail,’ he says. ‘My clients are successful themselves, and I always try to learn from them and their experiences.’ He puts his success down to excellent mentors. ‘I have several mentors working in the wealth management industry whom I visit on a regular basis. They are often a source of inspiration and comfort.’ He adds: ‘I share and appreciate the long-term thinking of Pictet. This means to resist the temptations of short-term fashions in favour of sustainable decision-making and focus in both our investments and our businesses, to the lasting benefit of all our clients. This mentality can only thrive at firms such as Pictet. Only managers can be the owners of our group. Having no external shareholders means that we are free to concentrate on the interests of our clients, colleagues, communities and the companies in which we invest. This allows the independence of mind that is crucial to successful investment performance.’

Marco Assetto
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