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Mariko Wilson trained at Anthony Gold under Kim Beatson before moving to Forsters, where she worked under Ann Northover for five years. Now a senior associate at Family Law in Partnership, she handles all aspects of private family law and has a broad range of experience, frequently acting for HNWs in financial relief and divorce proceedings as well as acting in children matters. During the past year she has acted on a number of complex cross-border financial matters, often advising non-tax resident and non-tax domiciled individuals. ‘I have a particular interest in the tax and pension aspects of divorce,’ she says.

Wilson regularly deals with complex domestic and cross border private children law matters, particularly leave to remove applications. In a recent case she was acting for a father – part of an international couple – where the mother was suffering from an unusual condition called factitious or induced illness syndrome. The condition meant that their child was repeatedly and unnecessarily being taken to see medical experts by the mother. ‘I assisted the father in obtaining sole care of the child and in relocating with the child to be closer to the paternal grandparents who would be providing childcare support,’ says Wilson. In terms of the type of firm that is thriving in the current market, Wilson says that the boutique models – such as Family Law in Partnership – are increasingly popular. ‘Gone are the days where most family teams operated as the poor cousin to the other departments in a full service firm,’ she says. ‘There are more and more boutique family practices springing up, with larger teams than you might find in a full service firm. They offer a greater depth of knowledge and experience, a broader range of specialisms and a greater understanding of the family law client’s needs and the market.’ She says that clients are looking for precise, robust and decisive advice. ‘They want to understand their best and worst case scenarios and they expect rapid turnaround times,’ she observes.

Mariko Wilson
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