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Mark Somers provides Spear’s with an expert analysis of the financial services sector, in which employees fall into three types: ‘rainmakers’ at the top of the chain, ‘lawnmowers’ forming the 80 per cent majority, and finally the destructive ‘well poisoners’ making up the final ten per cent. ‘Organisations that are poorly managed and lose their Rainmakers will [see] “Farmergeddon” – the destruction of value of an organisation, where the remaining lawnmowers will lead to its slow and agonising death.’ Somers himself can be called a ‘rainmaker’. He was sponsored by Goldman Sachs to attend their 10KSB entrepreneurs’ business course at UCL, and is writing a book on family office recruitment, having recently published the first salary survey benchmarking pay to performance. ‘We have become the market leaders internationally in recruitment and one of the most networked organisations across the wealth management sector.’ Somers, who has over 20 years’ experience, is only interested in working with companies who are ‘charging ahead on a growth mission’. His client base includes some of the world’s wealthiest family offices, trust companies, private banks and investment management firms, as well as family office service providers. He founded the executive search boutique in 2005 with his wife, former banker Jo. From offices across London, Geneva and Singapore, Somers Partnership uses its success story as a motivator to inspire more flexible working arrangements within the sectors

Mark Somers
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