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Martin Heale leads Schroders Wealth US, a highly experienced team of SEC-licensed client advisors providing wealth management services to American clients. The Schroders Wealth US team offers discretionary and advisory portfolio management. ‘Our clients are successful Americans,’ he tells Spear’s. ‘They have a varied background, but if I were to identify one trend – many are successful family businesses owners with several generations now working together. A number are household names through their businesses, and they value results and trusted relationships.’ Heale describes the last 12 months as ‘dynamic’. ‘My team and I agreed to join Schroders Wealth US last year to take the development of our service for American clients to the next level,’ he says. ‘We were impressed by the strength of the investment research available to support client portfolio investments, Schroders’ entrepreneurial spirit and their long-term commitment to their clients.’ The Schroders Wealth US team fall under the Cazenove Capital family as part of the wealth management arm of Schroders, offering a complete wealth management service to HNW, UHNW clients and their family offices. Heale says that – driven by regulation – banks are becoming more regionalised. ‘I see American banks increasingly wanting to look after US residents and European banks wanting to hold accounts for European residents,’ he says. ‘In an age of travel and cross-border industries this seems counter-intuitive, but creates a wonderful opportunity for Schroders to provide a valuable investment service to this segment of international American clients.’ Schroders Wealth US is one of a small handful of UK-based investment managers that offers US persons an advisory portfolio management service. For Heale, this means discussing every investment with the client and gaining their approval before each transaction takes place, allowing the client to have greater knowledge, input and control.

Martin Heale
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