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Nataša Williams is gregarious and astute. She is excited about some of her newest clients, who are largely entrepreneurs: ‘The global markets have been buoyant and with a lot of funding capital available, many entrepreneurs have embarked on full or partial exits.  We have really developed our services in how we can support them.’

Despite her optimism, Nataša has concerns about the ‘tectonic shift’ facing the UK economy. ‘I like my clients to participate in the global economy and remain as far protected from any UK decline as possible,’ she says. ‘We’re all global citizens these days, with global spending requirements, and my clients’ investments should reflect that. I advise people to look very carefully at currency and international diversification.’

Nataša believes the best investment opportunities are disproportionally in the US. ‘The fourth industrial revolution – the tech revolution – is happening now, and savvy investors will want to be part of it,’ she says. She has reservations over crypto-currencies, ‘It won’t be a panacea that some people think it will, though some of the technology around crypto-currencies could become very useful.’

LGT Vestra predominantly provides investment advice, charging an all-inclusive fee based on AUM. ‘We are open architecture. The private office team looks to strengthen family office services for clients, mostly entrepreneurs, finance executives and multigenerational families, by focusing on cross-generational wealth planning and tax, on top of investment management and advice on illiquid assets. We can provide our family office services on a retainer or project fee basis,’ explains Nataša. Engaging with entrepreneurs has been a key focus over the past couple of years, with LGT Vestra sponsoring EY Entrepreneur Of The Year. ‘We gained some fascinating insights into the requirements of entrepreneurs and how we can better support them.’ They have also been providing broad advisory services as part of a move towards providing strategic advice, and are being increasingly called upon to discuss long-term family wealth strategies. ‘Clients make decisions slower than ever before, and like to weigh up their options carefully, consulting many advisers in our sphere — wealth managers, lawyers, advisers and even friends,’ Nataša notes. ‘ Increasingly they are aware of the long-term impact of their decision in a world that is changing rapidly and an uncertain tax and legislative environment.’ She asserts that ‘our firm is entrepreneurial, client focused and fun. Most people here will agree that it is the best place they have ever worked.’

Before joining LGT Vestra in 2013, partner and head of the LGT Vestra Private Office Nastaša spent nine years as a client adviser both at UBS and later at Deutsche Bank. Prior to wealth management, she worked as a mergers and acquisitions banker focusing on financial institutions, having first qualified as a chartered accountant with PwC.

Nataša Williams
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