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Patrick Stutz began his career in the fixed income group of a Swiss bank, but has since developed investment expertise in multiple asset classes. Over the past 15 years, he has evaluated and allocated to hedge funds, private equity, private credit, venture capital, real estate, and infrastructure strategies. As Bayshore’s CIO, he leads the firm’s investment decisions with the help of a team in London and the US. ‘Curiosity is in our DNA,’ Stutz tells Spear’s. ‘We approach every investment opportunity with an open mind and the willingness to understand it.’ Bayshore has a 20-year history of being an early adopter in new areas of alternative assets. Stutz says that the best risk/reward often exists where there are fewer investors and less capital. ‘We specialise in equity, credit, and other illiquid investments in the global private markets.’ For Stutz, investing is as much about human psychology as it is the numbers, and those who succeed must have an unusual blend of skills. ‘I have been fortunate to interview and work with many investment legends,’ he says. ‘All are fiercely competitive, but few can build scalable firms that leverage their own investment skills. We have become very adept at identifying emerging investment managers with sustainable businesses.’ Other clients are UHNW individuals or other family offices interested in illiquid assets that provide a different risk/return profile than investments in the public markets.

Patrick Stutz
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