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When he arrived at Barclays Private Bank nine years ago from Credit Suisse, Pedro Dias Ferreira was the only Spanish and Portuguese speaker on the team. Modestly ascribing his own success to ‘being in the right place at the right time’, it is his colleagues who shed light on his meteoric rise. They describe him as exemplifying the best of the Latin spirit of gregariousness, using his innate knowledge of this culture to develop a client base from Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Portugal and more. Dias Ferreira knows that clients from these regions want more than just a money-manager: they want someone willing to provide a wide range of support for their entire family. As a result, his work can be extremely varied. One day he might be discussing how to optimise portfolio allocation, the next helping to obtain a credit card for a newly arrived client’s daughter. His philosophy is to ‘truly become the trusted adviser’, and his clients know ‘that no matter what time they send me an email or try to call me, they get an answer’. His reputation has grown over the years, and his client base now includes leading individuals from business and high-profile football managers. While he still believes in London as a truly international city and a natural home for UHNWs, he recognises that for perhaps the first time ‘a lot of clients are not used to seeing the UK as a place of uncertainty’.

Pedro Dias Ferreira
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