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We don’t take on many clients – we turn away two of every three enquiries, but those we take on we are totally committed to’, says Rachael Kelsey, partner and cofounder of SKO Family. ‘The client will know the director will be personally involved every step of the way – they have my mobile number.’ Clients value her warmth, with one reporting ‘her enthusiasm, consideration and genuine empathy [was] invaluable.’ Kelsey says it’s been an unusually busy year for contentious matters, and the firm has also seen a significant growth in its reputation management and privacy practice. Around half of Kelsey’s clients are entrepreneurs or first-generation businesspeople, the other half are split between inherited and landed individuals and sportspeople, entertainers, artists, and fashion industry (or their spouses and partners). Kelsey’s profile in family law is wide – she is President Elect of the European Chapter of the International Academy of Family Lawyers, and has been heavily involved in thought leadership around family law and Brexit. She believes that, as a profession, family lawyers need to become better at working with others in linked areas: ‘No family law matter is discrete – there are privacy, tax, succession, property and corporate governance issues all the time – and we need to become better at identifying the unknown unknowns for clients and being proactive at sourcing the advice they need to complement our own.’

Rachael Kelsey
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