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Randi Weaver started her career in global financial services, with a focus on investment management, before setting up Good Giving, a consultancy focused on tailored philanthropy for a single family, family office or individual benefactor. Partnering with philanthropists and their advisers, Good Giving renews or designs from scratch a personalised giving programme. Weaver has always had a passion for philanthropy. ‘I come from a philanthropic family and from a very young age, I enjoyed being involved in decisions about the family’s charitable giving,’ Weaver explains. ‘My skills from banking, investment management, sales and relationship management were fully transferable to this sector and client base.’ The predominantly UK-based consultancy covers the spectrum of services from planning and beneficiary selection to implementation, monitoring, evaluation and exit, including all the education, research and administrative support required to maximise donor satisfaction. One current trend Weaver notes is that donations are increasingly going to charities in the donor’s country of residence. Specialist areas include: family philanthropy, sports philanthropy and corporate philanthropy. The common thread between client groups, ‘be they families, businesses or individuals’, says Weaver, ‘is that they are seeking donor satisfaction and management of the financial and reputation risk which can be associated with charitable giving.’

Randi Weaver
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