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Raymond Tooth is one of very few lawyers who is a household name beyond the field of law, in which he has practised for around half a century. Known for his love of cigars and horses – and dubbed ‘Jaws’ by the tabloid press – Tooth has for years been a mainstay of the divorce scene. He is particularly known for acting for the wife against high-profile husbands – those unlucky enough to have been caught up on the other side have included Colin Montgomerie, Jude Law, and Eric Clapton. And what has Tooth learned from it all? ‘There are more mean men than greedy women,’ he says, pithily. He is also noted for his tough style of litigating. Indeed, he offers Spear’s a valuable lesson: ‘Never take any opponent for granted – take a short cut and you get kicked up the arse.’ Not for Tooth, then, the cuddly mediation or collaborative style, perhaps. But the clients keep coming, and contemporaries continue to be impressed – even amazed – by Tooth’s tenacity. ‘He’s still extremely active,’ says one, adding: ‘He obviously loves it.’ But his career, glamorous though it is, is underpinned by wisdom and calm under pressure: ‘Going to court is a lottery in three respects – who the judge is, how each party behaves in the witness box, and, finally, there is always the unforeseen event,’ he said after winning the 2010 Spear’s Lifetime Achievement Award. All in all, this is a lawyer who deserves his legendary status.

Raymond Tooth
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