Reinis Melbardis
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Insurtech is a new type of technology that takes the current insurance industry model and gives it a fintech twist. Nexus Mutual business development director Rei Melbardis leads this drive, as the firm combines insurtech and blockchain to develop an alternative risk carrier to challenge established players in the insurance space. With a product launch in the offing, Melbardis tells Spear’s that the early focus is on the cryptocurrency community. Nexus Mutual will provide developers and users with a means of protecting themselves against hacks in blockchain applications that result in a massive loss of value. Nexus is still in its early stages, and the technology itself is still in the process of being created. However, Melbardis says that they are speaking to a number of other blockchain projects and developers, particularly ones related to reviewing the security of code that could well be the life’s work of a talented team. ‘The aim is to provide clients with a final layer of protection,’ says Melbardis. With the UK’s cryptoassets task force set to give some much-needed clarity on all things crypto in 2019, Melbardis is buoyed by working in such an exciting space. ‘It’s been incredibly rewarding to be in a new space where there is lots of experimentation and a real collaborative spirit,’ he enthuses. ‘It may sound cheesy, but given the capabilities of the technology, it feels like a sector which both wants to and has the means to really change something.’

Reinis Melbardis
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