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Robert Agnew’s natural reservation lends itself well to his work: he’s developed a top client base at Barclays Private Bank, where he has worked for nine years. He modestly describes it as ‘acting as the conductor of the orchestra’, coordinating the bank’s resources for clients: but it is more fitting to think of him as the admiral of the fleet, directing the forces of wealth management including ‘advice on investments, constructing portfolios and working with the wealth advisory team to plan structures’ for clients’ benefit. Beneath a regimented exterior – he had a short stint in the Navy – lies a hunger for, and knowledge of, the latest trends in the digital economy. Agnew’s focus has broadened with the most successful of tech entrepreneurs: the high-growth individuals central to the changing nature of the UK economy. This puts him at the cutting edge: knowledge that clients have used to find private equity ventures and get closer to high-growth tech start-ups. Clients are ‘trying to capture these disruptive technology trends’, looking to find the next Google, Airbnb or Uber. In a crowded field of venture capitalists and angel investors, Agnew needs to have his finger on the pulse in order to assist clients. He calls it ‘an insightful privilege to interact with the business leaders, risk takers and smartest investors driving global social and economic change’.

Robert Agnew
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