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As much at home on the cricket pitch as he is in the boardroom, Robert McIntyre’s career is sailing as high as a loftily struck six. McIntyre got into the industry at the tender age of 22, apparently avoiding the tedium of accountancy for the more pulse-quickening climes of banking! At Barclays since his early 30s after INSEAD, McIntyre has sought to offer clients a constant service through their changing needs, whether that be guiding them through difficult times or propelling them forward. Exceptionally proud of this record of consistency, McIntyre says: ‘I’ve worked with clients who’ve been with me for a very long time. If I couldn’t deliver they would have found me out by now.’ He highlights what he sees as his responsibility : for clients, he is ‘there at the beginning, and there at the end’. In an industry where reputation is all-important, an adviser who has a track record of responsibility and care for clients is bound to stand out. His average longevity of service to clients is about 14 years.
His role at Barclays Private Bank has often been dual: in his day-to-day, he has always fulfilled the banking needs of his 30 clients, granting access to the capital and services they need. He recognizes that even for the highest of high net worth individuals, getting the capital they want at the right moment for the right rate can make all the difference.

The other role was one of trusted gatekeeper, essentially acting as a protector of clients, Chair of a committee to vet investment ideas, comparing his role to that of the House of Lords: ‘We were the Upper Chamber, the checks and balances, or a select committee, thereby making sure that clients get the best product/service. He has now relinquished the role after 10 years to spend more time with clients but is all the better armed to advise for this rich and long experience of scrutinizing services and products. Constancy of service and quality of content make for a powerful combination.

Robert McIntyre
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