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Old-fashioned good service and knowledge still trump all,’ Ross Ward says, adding that he is no fan of fads adopted by many in his industry. Instead the firm, founded in 1967, has its own methods. ‘We adapt by rejecting trends and fashions, and instead concentrate on what we know best – looking after clients and their interests.’ The rebellious streak is no surprise as Pereds is all about rock ’n’ roll, having found and acquired discreet homes for the likes of the Beatles, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin (all friends of founder Perry Press). These days Ward deals mostly with entrepreneurs. He still helps rock stars, but not many display wealth the way the rock aristocracy did in the Sixties. ‘They’re just not rich enough!’ he laughs. Pereds has had a good run recently selling exceptional homes in west London and surrounds. ‘The demand for these is as high as ever, provided they are realistically priced,’ he says, ‘On each occasion we have achieved record levels.’ But the buying landscape is more challenging. Finding ‘decent’ houses is increasingly difficult, he says – the stagnant market is ‘the new normal’. At the very top end, however, prices haven’t dropped much: ‘I don’t mind a larger gap forming between the very best and the rest.’ What’s next for the legendary firm? ‘The firm’s policy since it was founded over 50 years ago was and still remains to maintain a small office, disregarding the notion of continuous growth in scale.’

Ross Ward
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