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Ryan Radloff, CoinShares CEO, has been leading a charge toward the professionalisation of the cryptocurrency sector, with the goal of bringing access and ultimately choice to investors. Radloff had previously worked in financial technology, particularly corporate FX risk management. He came across bitcoin in its early days as it was forming into an emerging asset class, seeing its potential as a global reserve currency which was equity based, rather than debt backed. As a passionate student of macro-economics, Radloff theorised after 2008 that as a consequence of negatively compounding national debt levels, equity-based digital money would have its place in an increasingly digital world. Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency and supported by far the most secure decentralised blockchain network, is on its way to fulfil this promise of the world’s first real digital bearer-asset, and a hedge against national inflation and political circumstances. Radloff is co-principal at CoinShares, CEO at CoinShares (UK) and a director at XBT Provider, issuer of the first publicly traded Bitcoin and Ether ETPs. He sits at the intersection of professional investors and cryptocurrency international technology. He also serves as vice chairman of CryptoUK, a consortium of companies aiming to promote best practices and to work with government and regulators to ensure the UK benefits from the exciting potential of this emergent technology.

Ryan Radloff
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