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Susan Apthorp has long since emerged as a first class family lawyer, as evidenced by her nomination as Family Lawyer of the Year at the 2017 Spear’s Wealth Management Awards and her string of reported cases. One should not underestimate Apthorp’s ten year contribution to the firm. One QC confides: ‘She has a depth and breadth of experience not available elsewhere in London – her track record speaks for itself.’ Apthorp is noted for resolving highly complex financial remedies cases. She knows the way around international finance, from crypto currency to EU Treasury Sanctions. Her loyal international client base retain her for both finance and private law children matters. This year will see her taking an important case on pre- nuptial, EU Regulations and jurisdiction agreements to the Court of Appeal and fighting about some allegedly deleted and irrecoverable Crypto Currency. ‘It’s very important not to involve the children in the crossfire and to remain focused on your client’s litigation aims,’ she explains. Impressive and energetic she still finds time for pro-bono work. She says: ‘Unlike many of our competitors we have the flexibility and ambition to pursue novel points of law, even if that doesn’t always translate immediately into profit.’ Asked for lessons from her 23-year career, Apthorp replies: ‘Humour is also a tonic. If you can make your client laugh, tensions tend to ease and solutions are easier to find.’

Susan Apthorp
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