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One of Stewarts’ top talents, partner Toby Atkinson acts for a plethora of HNW entrepreneurs, professionals, bankers and private equity investors (he has also advised clients in the sports and media industries). He says he has worked on more prenups this year than any other, as they (along with cohabitation agreements) rapidly become an ‘integral part of wealth planning in this country’: ‘There is no longer the stigma surrounding these contracts as perhaps there once was in the past,’ he says. ‘I think young people increasingly view them as necessary insurance policies which they hope they never have to use.’ Atkinson highlights the fierce and ongoing debate between family court judges about whether financial remedy cases should be heard publicly or privately. ‘With diametrically opposed views on privacy at the top of the family court judiciary, it is currently a complete lottery whether privacy or press freedom will be the order of the day in any given case,’ he says. ‘Most divorcing couples are very surprised to learn this and frankly can do without the added anxiety of not knowing whether details of their private family disputes and finances will be laid bare in open court for all to see.’ Raised in Kenya, Atkinson says he is looking forward to taking his young family there, ‘so that they can see where I grew up and visit all my favourite safari destinations’. He joined Stewarts as a partner in August 2015.

Toby Atkinson
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