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Professor Adrian Wilson has been a consultant specialising in adult and paediatric knee surgery since 2004 and has set up, together with his partners, a large group of experts in orthopaedic surgery and regenerative medicine in central London’s Harley Street area.

‘Having travelled for the last decade and been fortunate enough to have been an innovative and pioneering surgeon, I am asked on a monthly basis to give lectures at international meetings, and at these meetings I have made many friends over the last decade, and several of those are now working within our London team,’ Wilson tells Spear’s. His extensive network was the inspiration for him to put together a team of experts – ‘the best that Europe has to offer’ – which now constitutes the Orthopaedic Specialists Group. The clinic specialises in non-surgical regenerative work and specialist orthopaedic treatments. The Regenerative Clinic has now treated close to a thousand patients since opening in May 2017, and has seen an exponential rise in the number of patients treated over the last 12 months.

One of its most popular offerings is a form of stem cell therapy that can relieve the pain of arthritis and treat muscle tears and musculoskeletal injuries as well as other conditions with simple injections of the body’s own tissues. Most commonly, these are either fragmented fat from the patient or their own blood in the form of platelet-rich plasma. ‘This has been hugely successful and we are now opening up our clinics all over Europe and further afield,’ says Wilson.

Wilson tells the story of a farmer who came in with both knees ‘completely destroyed’ from arthritis through sporting injuries over the years. ‘He had tried conservative treatment with other surgeons and we did offer regenerative therapies, but in fact he wanted to go for a definitive orthopaedic procedure and opted to have both of his knees replaced at the same time ,’ says Wilson. ‘We did this with a team approach using our own specialist anaesthetic techniques that I have developed over the last 10 years with my team. By performing the surgery rapidly with two specialist knee surgeons working side by side, we were able to complete the surgery quickly. I am delighted to say that at no point following the surgery, despite having both knees replaced, did the patient experience any pain whatsoever.’ The farmer was able to discard his crutches within a day or two, and was fully back to work within a few weeks. When he’s not at work, Wilson loves to travel, ideally with one or all of his four children in tow.

Adrian Wilson
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