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Angela Cox is an award-winning behavioural change, life and business coach, operating in London and Bedfordshire, with international video-call clients. ‘I guide clients to escape self-sabotage and find freedom, fulfilment and flourish. I use neuroscience-based techniques and my empathic nature, allowing them to identify and re-record the subconscious programmes before helping them to grow into a truly authentic version of themselves,’ she says. She also has group programmes and transformational retreats called Metreat.

In 2018, Cox was a director of a consulting firm, spending most of her time executive coaching. ‘I was coaching senior leaders and executives and if there is one thing I noticed more than anything else, it was that they would all confide in me about personal stuff, traumas, tragedies, divorce, the lot,’ Cox tells Spear’s.

Mid-2018, she published a best-selling self-help book, left a permanent position, retrained in holistic trauma healing and neuroscience modalities, and set up as a mindset mentor. ‘Blending executive mentoring, mindset coaching and therapy means I am transforming the lives of my clients, rather than simply improving them,’ she says.

Her favourite book is The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown. ‘After 20 years believing my empathic nature was an affliction, that book that made me realise its my badass superpower,’ Cox says.

Angela Cox
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