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Things continue to ‘grow from strength to strength’ at The International Family Law Group, as co-founder Ann Thomas is happy to report.

Some 13 years after the firm was founded with husband David Hodson, the firm has blossomed from a staff of four to 24. The Covent Garden firm first opened its doors for worldwide business in 2007 and hasn’t looked back since, boasting an ongoing ability to punch above its weight when it comes to attracting high profile clientele.

‘We have a huge variety of clients who contact us for legal representation and assistance ranging from politicians and diplomats to entertainment, media and sports personalities, as well as clients of independent means,’ Thomas explains. ‘It is important to develop a rapport and excellent professional relationship from the start.’

Thomas cut her teeth at a firm in Bury St Edmunds before moving to a large firm in Cambridgeshire, later moving to the West End where she served as head of private client. ‘The realisation that I had become a trusted advisor came as my caseload, client referrals and career developed,’ Thomas recalls. ‘I have expanded my family team in every firm which I have worked.’

As the name suggests, the firm has a broad focus on international families, by which it means those who travel, live and have connections in different countries around the world. This makes it particularly amenable to globalised HNWs: the firm has strong links with many international law firms and works with specialists pertaining to individual cases. The firm is noted for its focus on innovation, with a team that Thomas says always ‘push the boundaries’. Thomas has also noted a broader trend across the industry of clients looking for increasingly speedy outcomes to cases.

‘Clients need confidence in their lawyer and look for true and proven expertise and experience,’ Thomas adds. ‘They also look for a lawyer who can work across the time zones and can offer them different mediums within which to work – we offer all this.’

Thomas specialises in all aspects of family law, with particular expertise on international child relocation, where she is recognised as a leading international child lawyer, and also serves as head of the iFLG International Children Team. (The firm received the Law Society’s Award for ‘Excellence in International Legal Services’ 2019.) She is also adept at handling complex financial issues arising from the breakdown of a relationship including high net asset cases. She also advises on prenuptial agreements and cohabitation issues.

Ann Thomas
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