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Family law all-rounder Bryan Jones is expert in acting for international HNWs in financial and children matters, including Children Act proceedings.

Jones joined Hughes Fowler Carruthers in 2010, amassing a wealth of experience in heavily litigated HNW divorces in the High Court and the Court of Appeal. He became a partner in April 2018.

Founded in 2001, HFC is renowned for its success in dealing with complex financial matters. The boutique is driven by a thorough understanding of its clients’ needs and specialist knowledge of the financial world. One recent highlight for Jones includes uncovering the attempted concealment of the hundred million- dollar sale of a business by the husband in a hard fought divorce.

Jones is noticing a tension between parties who are ‘seeking to assert that prenups are binding and those trying to push at needs provisions to overturn them’.

Fortunately the firm is well equipped to deal with this demand, being well versed in the complexities surrounding prenuptial agreements for international couples, especially when a civil law country is involved. The HFC partners have acted in some of the key reported cases, such as Crossley and Luckwell v Limata.

Bryan Jones
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