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Carly Kinch is the newest solicitor to join the top echelons of divorce at Stewarts, recently becoming a partner in the boutique after a swift 12-year transition from paralegal. Insodoing, she’s earned the admiration of none other than Baroness Shackleton, who told us she rates her extremely highly.

Kinch has significant experience in all aspects of family law, but her work focuses predominantly on resolving complex financial issues, including negotiating and drafting of marital agreements. Since the promotion in 2018, she’s been involved in ‘complex and high value’ litigations for clients who expect ‘Rolls-Royce service’ as standard. In the past 12 months, she represented the wife of a colourful billionaire with a collective wealth estimated at circa $1 billion, a welter of bankers, hedge fund managers and accountants, a well-known entrepreneur with a fortune in excess of €700 million, plus an international family with assets estimated to be in excess of $3 billion held in various structures and jurisdictions around the world.

She describes a highly acrimonious case worth c. €250 million, in which there were arguments for ‘special contribution’ to be considered in the final award. A favourable settlement was achieved eventually, which Kinch is quite rightly proud about. ‘It is only in the truly exceptional cases that arguments of special contribution get any real traction,’ she says. Despite this, it’s a ‘live issue’ in an increasing number of cases recently, she notes.

As for the current political and legislative landscape, she sees the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit >> as an obvious challenge, but also as an opportunity. ‘There is indeed a lot of uncertainty right now around the legislative framework which will govern our future relationship with other European countries,’ admits Kinch, ‘and we may well see HNW families rebasing themselves outside of London as a result of the wider economic uncertainties. Conversely, there’ll likely be more forum shopping and multi-jurisdiction debates.’

Lauded by clients as ‘tenacious’, ‘really hard-working’ and ‘incredibly supportive’, Kinch is a lawyer of true technical expertise. Peers are equally positive, describing her as ‘pragmatic and professional.’ So what are her own inspirations? ‘It may sound terribly clichéd,’ she tells Spear’s, ‘but I am genuinely inspired by the unrivalled excellence that I see every day in our team. From the most junior members to the senior partners, we make up a dynamic and industrious team, who are fiercely protective of our clients while always focused on achieving the best results possible, providing first-rate service and ensuring that costs remain proportionate.’

Carly Kinch
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