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Conveniently located only an hour from Geneva airport, Clinic Les Alpes sits on its own in a breathtakingly beautiful and naturally therapeutic environment in the mountains above Montreux, Switzerland. With about 60 employees on hand, the clinic truly offers the opportunity to get away from it all to an extraordinarily wellappointed facility where patient safety, security, confidentiality and privacy are given the highest priority at all times. The clinic affords patients and their families the vital reassurance of being fully licensed by the Swiss Department of Health.

Clinic Les Alpes integrates state-of-the art treatment facilities and practice with hospitality of exceptional quality, including a luxurious spa. All bedrooms are en suite. Decorated and furnished with the greatest care to ensure comfort, safety and privacy, each room provides its occupant with an alpine view to uplift the spirits.

The clinic has invested fully in the facilities and medical expertise required to detoxify patients from all manner of addictive substances and to help manage the processes of physical and psychological withdrawal, while supporting patients to develop a recovery plan that is personal to them. Most behavioural addictions are also treated. A variety of resources and complementary therapies are available to ensure patients discover what is most helpful to them. The restoration and promotion of health as a whole is a constant focus, with particular attention paid to sleep hygiene, nutrition, relaxation and physical fitness.

Despite the toll addiction wreaks on individuals and their families, as well as its associated problems such as depression, burnout, and anxiety, taking the decision to seek treatment, let alone actually crossing the threshold of a treatment centre, can be daunting; even to people who might otherwise be hugely successful or have other significant advantages in life.

Acknowledging the challenges facing patients, the staff of Clinic Les Alpes combine to apply their considerable professional expertise in a compassionate and caring way. Recognition of the importance of trust and confidence in establishing and maintaining the therapeutic relationship extends across the entire team at Clinic Les Alpes.

Clinic Les Alpes
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