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Dr Antoinette Sarasin leads the Biomolecular Restoration (Bio-R), Nutrition and Lifestyle team at The Kusnacht Practice, in Zurich, which has built a reputation as one of the world’s most innovative and luxurious treatment centres. Bio-R is described by the Practice as ‘an in-depth, innovative procedure that corrects the imbalances and stress factors in complex biochemistry to strengthen physical and emotional wellbeing, successful weight management, rejuvenation and anti-ageing.’

‘How we feel, physically and emotionally, depends very much on our complex biochemical environment, our internal milieu,’ says Dr Sarasin. ‘The biomolecular aspect is often overlooked. You may be given medicines for symptoms without tackling the underlying causes, and then risk side-effects. We use Bio-R to restore crucial micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, etc) and release metabolic stress factors. This creates balance for both physical and emotional health, strength and wellbeing and promotes cellular rejuvenation and anti-ageing.’

A typical treatment would involve an in-depth medical assessment and discussion with one of the Practice’s experts. This ensures that the treatment provided takes into account the client’s medical history and meets their expectations. This is then followed by specific Bio-R laboratory tests – far beyond a standard blood test. Everything from blood to urine, stool, hair, saliva and a buccal swab provides important information about an individual’s biochemical status. ‘A key part of the solution Bio-R provides is the unique formula of supplementation, combined with individualised lifestyle and diet coaching, as well as stress management,’ says Dr Sarasin. ‘This approach allows us to detect the underlying cause, the true root of health problems and symptoms, and provides personalised tools and solutions for a significant gain in sustainable health, vitality and happiness.’

A more extensive option is the Bio-R Ultimate programme, with a two week stay in one of the Practice’s five-star residences, private Bio-R chef and an expert team to provide the support needed for fast, effective results. The treatment includes the initial assessment, medical check-up and tailored programme (bespoke to every client) comprising a broad range of elements including micronutrient infusions, complementary therapies and mental strengthening. ‘If needed, our Bio-R Ultimate programme provides immediate access to medical specialists in every field, where, ordinarily, you could wait up to six months,’ says Dr Sarasin. ‘The individualised, ongoing support and long-term benefits are just some of the elements that make it a unique and highly successful experience.’

Dr Antoinette Sarasin
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