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Dr Konrad Hitz, medical doctor, psychiatrist and psychotherapist, is the Medical Director of The Kusnacht Practice and Double Check – two entities that work together to create a ‘unique synergy’ that provides high-end mental health treatment and medical services for their clients.

At The Kusnacht Practice, treatment covers the spectrum of psychological and dependency disorders, with tailor-made care plans delivered in private, five-star clinical residences. Each client is treated individually and discreetly, with a hand-picked team of experts and a bespoke programme that allows up to eight one-to-one sessions a day. No two days – or client schedules – are the same. ‘With our team of 60-plus members of staff and over 100 complementary therapists we deliver world-class care through a highly targeted and personalised programme,’ says Dr Hitz. ‘We specialise in identifying and treating the underlying causes of a problem, rather than simply the symptoms, and equipping clients with coping skills. Our clients are all too familiar with demanding much of themselves to achieve their goals, and it is a pleasure to engage them in the psychotherapeutic process.

‘Creativity and self-belief, often the offspring of trauma in their lives or family history, are no strangers to them. They are resourceful and resilient individuals – typically high achievers – who have had to face challenges without the sufficient inherent resources to cope. A downward spiral ensues and that is where we step in.’

For those unable to visit the Practice, there are innovative Biomolecular Restoration outpatient programmes, ideal for clients looking to prioritise weight-loss, reduce stress, improve sleep and tackle anti-ageing. Treatment is uniquely tailored to the client’s biochemical status, to maximise their physical and emotional health and wellbeing.

At Double Check, clients have been offered medical excellence and tailor-made care for more than a decade. From check-ups and second opinions to interventions and rehabilitation, clients are discreetly and personally assisted throughout their medical journey. Preventive medical assessments to identify disease early are key and the Clinic is constantly re-evaluating environmental influences and responding to clients’ needs.

‘The Swiss healthcare system is one of the best in the world,’ says Dr Hitz. ‘And through our affiliations with leading hospitals and clinical centres, Double Check also offers clients immediate access to our hand-picked network of experts across every field.’ ‘Our clientele wants the best,’ adds Dr Hitz. ‘They get that at The Kusnacht Practice and Double Check.’

Dr Konrad Hitz
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